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Charlie Adler - We Bring Stiletto’s Into Your Home
Dis - Forces Of Greed
Kelvin Zhero - New Shoes
Murder By Millions - Murder By Millions (2004)
My Girlfriend Is My Weapon - Moyra
Komatsu - Komatsu
Appollonia - Among Wolves
Disconsolate - Crimson Pleasure
Internal Disfunction - Nine Feet Under
Carnal Leftovers - Papyral Slashing
Last Fear - Main Course Bitch
Eyeconoclast - Clustered Dead Ending Corridors
Isthar - Among the Ruins
Marax - The Abyss Of Illusions
Anna Hodowaniec - Beginning
Hibakusha - Prophet Of Numbers
Mourn - The Beaten Path
Fallen Angel - Crawling Out Of Hell
A Dark Line - Running From The Light
Diatribe - Diatribe
Doomsday Outlaw - Suffer More
Divine Realm - Nordicity
Escadron - Tide Of The Fallen
Astral Kingdom - Into The Fire
Ex Libris - ANN - Chapter 3: Anne Frank

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