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Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word
Edguy - Age Of The Joker
Sylosis  - Dormant Heart
Turilli/Lione Rhapsody - Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)
Sepultura - Kairos
Meshuggah - Koloss
Coldseed - Completion Makes The Tragedy
Equilibrium - Rekreatur
Korpiklaani - Karkelo
Avantasia - Angel Of Babylon
Threshold - March Of Progress
Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You
Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy
Epica - Epica Vs Attack On Titan Songs
Enforcer - Live By Fire
Nile - What Should Not Be Unearthed
Rage - 21
Death Angel - Relentless Retribution
After Forever - After Forever studioreport
Memoriam - For The Fallen
Blues Pills - Devil Man EP
Amorphis - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes (dvd)
Diablo Blvd - Zero Hour
Textures - Dualism
Suicidal Angels - Sanctify The Darkness

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